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v2.6 * added …blutz OP2010-Dec-30 15:23 Thread Search XDA Features Xposed Framework for Android Oreo 8.0/8.1 Now Available in Beta January 8, 2018 Reliance Jio in 2018: What to Expect from India’s Fastest-Growing Carrier January 5, 2018 Sandstone White OnePlus 5T Hands On: An Iconic Stormtrooper Variant that’s Perfect for OnePlus One Fans January 4, 2018 Live at 10PM ET: Honor View 10 Product Manager Answering Questions. Windows phones typically allow the user to change screen orientation, or will rotate the screen to support sliding out a physical keyboard. All UI code can use this variable to determine, for example, whether to place a button in a dialog box or to add a menu item to a soft key menu. The Phonebook Tab The screen shot in Figure 4 shows the Phonebook tab, a UI feature that sets this Windows phone implementation apart from other Facebook clients and the Web site itself: Figure 5 Phonebook tab art The Phonebook tab is an example of our drive to differentiate the Windows phone while using the strengths of the operating system (see the section Using What Windows Mobile Gives You for more details). The development team gained valuable experience developing for Windows phones. Challenges and How We Met Them The first challenge was determining how to design and develop a good-looking application on Windows phones that preserves the Facebook experience. These factors have converged toward a powerful and appealing idea: to enable social networking software on a phone, and specifically Facebook on Windows phones. We found we could use the same layout for Professional and Standard. We describe useful strategies for Windows Mobile development based upon our experiences developing the Facebook client. It was imperative for our tight deadlines, and later, for testing, that the Facebook access engine be cleanly isolated from the UI. All the best. blutz OP2012-May-22 10:072an update to FIM is available. you can also second-click his icon on the black bar. We got a clear picture of the business logic we would have to support and how that drove our data and back-end requirements. Figure 3 Wireframe of inbox screen The wireframe in Figure 3 is a refinement of the layout that shows additional content details. Designing the Experience With Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 as our baseline, we examined the available tools and began to design the user experience on paper. I’ll wait for QVGA, but thanks for sharing. The Installer should do the rest. Facebook also offered a mobile version of its Web site ( that addressed the specific needs of small-screen devices (the theme of adapting the Facebook experience to mobile devices will recur throughout this article). if you are positively sure you entered everything correctly then if you have special characters in your email or password replace them. Datamation Sections ApplicationsBig DataBlogCareers/StaffingCloudColumnsData CenterEventsAll EventsFeaturesMobile/WirelessNetworksNewsOpen SourceProject CenterSecurityData StorageSweepstakesVideosSlideshows . The net result would have been a platform-specific installation, and one that would require no run-time checking of platform properties like screen resolution and touch capabilities. If you are a developer or product manager, this document should offer useful insights into creating a high-quality client application for Windows phones. Unzip the package and make a note of the unzip folder path (C:WTL80 by default). You should choose your operator’s internet connection and not its wap portal. The preceding developer tip is an example of how we used our many years of Windows programming experience to extend what is normally possible with Windows phones so that we could support the design vision set out in the wireframes and mock-ups. WM BUILDS 6.5.3 / 6.5.5 blank web pages: to fix the internal browser problem use the cab from this post touch/x/iphone/lite.facebook.com: doesn’t open the way you expect in the integrated browser, which is the same as explorer in wm6.1, so there is not point integrating it. * When browsing, click the fim icon on the black bar for browsing related functions (back, refresh, zoom-in, zoom out, open in new window, close) * Double click on black bar toggles full screen mode * On some devices you can send the chat message by long click on hardware-enter-key * You can copy line from chat by selecting the line, and do a long press on it. The result of our research, design, and development is a free application that has exceeded one million downloads and gained positive reviews. Figure 4 Inbox screen, actual screen shot In Figure 4 we see the finished product. Again, thanks to the pains taken at the design phase, and to the closeness with which we adhered to the Facebook look, we were able to handle rotation with minimal effort. Using graphical resources applied to the information in the wireframe and design documentation, we have a custom list control, top-level tabs, secondary-level tabs, and soft key menus. FORUMS Windows Mobile Apps and GamesWindows Mobile Development and Hacking GeneralWindows Mobile Software DevelopmentWindows Mobile Themes Remove All Ads from XDA Win an Honor 7X! Most Thanked ALL-TIME RECENT 3Fim v2.10 Fim for Windows Mobile (5,6.x) was updated. Optional: WM6.5 CHome (“Titanium”) Plugin If you like this software, Please Donate, so i can keep maintain it. Using the SHCameraCapture API, we could create our own video capture form and grab the resulting video for uploading to the Facebook servers. This includes final details about font weights, text color, highlighting, and touch-related color changes as the screen shot demonstrates. We used Win32 native code to craft a Facebook list control, which we then used throughout the application, along with standard WTL controls 5a02188284

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